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11 Apr 2000 | Soul Jazz


​Donna Hamilton says goodbye

​Donna Hamilton says goodbye



Well, dear viewers, this is my last week at WBAL-TV, where I’ve been happily ensconced for 23 years. I can’t imagine it, but it’s true! I’ve been reading some of your lovely letters, cards and emails wishing me well — some of them brought a tear to my eyes. Well, believe me when I say, I will miss you, too.

And a number of you have asked, is this something I want? And, you hope it’s my decision. As television is an ephemeral business — folks come and go — but I want you to know, this was my decision. I’ve enjoyed my years here tremendously, as challenging and stressful as they sometimes were, and I hope I’ve been able to put into context some awful things that I’ve had to tell you about. And we shared those times difficult times and stories, you and I, and that’s no small thing. But I’m ready for a less busy life!

Thanks for your support and viewership over the years, so, so much. I wish you all the very best, and as I head off to new adventures all over the place, I do hope you’ll stay in touch and follow along. Here’s a linkto my new life, whatever that turns out to be. Isn’t it exciting not to know exactly what will happen the next day? You never know where I’ll turn up, but I hope you’re along for the ride. Don’t be a stranger!


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May 23rd, 2018

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