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Abduction victim Tiffany Jones remembered

Abduction victim Tiffany Jones remembered


Baltimore police say the deadly abduction of a Baltimore woman was not a random act. Investigators believe Tiffany Jones may have been acquainted with her abductors and may have been targeted by them.

Loved ones gathered Thursday evening at a burned out vacant home that’s now more like a memorial at the corner of Seventh Street and Baltic Avenue.

Dozens of people stopped by to see the paintings and postings in memory of Jones, the 29-year-old mother of two that police say is the victim of a deadly abduction.

Kim Lambert, a friend of Jones, stopped by the memorial.

“It’s beautiful that they did all that. But it’s sad that it happened. They shouldn’t be having to do that for a young lady like that,” said Lambert.

It’s a curious case. Police say Jones was targeted.

Surveillance cameras caught images of the suspect vehicle Tuesday, when police say two men in a black pickup truck abducted Jones from the rear of a building on Potee Street after an argument. The pickup truck has since been found.

One day later, firefighters discovered her body while putting out flames at the vacant home.

Police are still investigating.

“What we will do is work backwards and we want to know exactly what happened, even before this incident occurred. What caused the argument, what happened after she was put inside the truck,” said Baltimore police spokesman Detective Jeremy Silbert.

For now, there are so many questions, including why was Jones behind that building Tuesday and who and where he suspects are.

But back at the memorial, they’re remembering Jones.

“Everybody loved her. She was very outgoing. Everybody knew her, she talked to everybody. She was really nice,” said Courtney Phillips, Jones’ cousin.


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