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Feds indict Philadelphia officer in corruption case against elite Baltimore police unit

Feds indict Philadelphia officer in corruption case against elite Baltimore police unit



Philadelphia police officer was arrested Tuesday on federal drug charges and accused of conspiring with a Baltimore detective to sell cocaine and heroin seized from the streets.

Eric Troy Snell, 33, of Philadelphia, is now the ninth police officer indicted in a widening scandal that has brought down the elite gun unit of the Baltimore police.

Snell attended the police academy in Baltimore and met Detective Jemell Rayam. Snell plotted to have his brother in Philadelphia sell the drugs Rayam stole from criminals in Baltimore, prosecutors wrote in an indictment.

Snell was paid thousands of dollars by Rayam to arrange for the sale of the seized drugs, prosecutors wrote.

“Snell and Rayam discussed and planned with each other the sale of illegal narcotics, including cocaine and heroin that had been obtained or seized by members of the Gun Trace Task Force in Baltimore,” prosecutors wrote.

nell is the latest police officer — the only one from outside Baltimore — accused in the federal corruption case against members of the disbanded Gun Trace Task Force. The unit had been deployed to rid Baltimore’s streets of illegal guns. While effective, the officers were also corrupt, prosecutors say.

The police officers carried out a campaign of robbery and extortion stretching back at least three years and often targeting suspected drug dealers, prosecutors say. The officers allegedly pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars they uncovered while searching the homes and cars of criminals and some innocent civilians.

Four detectives — Momodu Gondo, Evodio Hendrix, Maurice Ward and Rayam — pleaded guilty to the federal racketeering charges. They are jailed and await sentencing next year.

Four other officers are fighting the charges. They include Sgts Thomas Allers and Wayne Jenkins also Detectives Marcus Taylor and Daniel Hersl. Their trials are scheduled to begin in January.

Online court records did not list an attorney for Snell.


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